Noemi Adame M.D.


Noemi Adame, MD is a general pediatrician with Marshall County Pediatrics. Dr. Adame also works at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Plymouth. She grew up in Hidalgo County Texas, one of the state’s most impoverished counties. Her parents were immigrants from Mexico and unable to help Dr. Adame navigate the collegiate world. Without money for SAT or ACT prep courses, Dr. Adame had to rely on her high school guidance counselor to help her with her pre-med desires. Even with English as her second language, Dr. Adame graduated at the top of her class in both her undergraduate and medical school and was able to overcome all these challenges.

Dr. Adame studied at the University of Texas-Medical Branch for medical school and completed her residency at the University of Utah at a top-notch children’s hospital, Primary Children’s Medical Center. Dr. Adame knew, from a very young age, that medicine was where she was going to end up as an adult. She attributes this to the lack of health care her family was able to receive. She even attended a health professions high school to prepare her for medical school.

Dr. Adame had found herself rooted in Texas until her residency in Utah. She was brought to Indiana by her husband, who received a job offer at Culver Academies in 2015, and the whole family relocated. As a family they like to eat pizza and watch movies together. In addition to her busy career and family life, Dr. Adame loves to read, binge on Netflix, listen to New Kids on the Block (She traveled all the way to Europe to see them!), food (vegetarian of course) and running, which she does at least 4-5 times per week. Where does she find the time?

In 2013-2014, Dr. Adame and her family lived in the highland Cloud Forest of Costa Rica where her children attended a private bilingual school. They also spent some time traveling the world, and the children were home schooled during that time. I bet all this traveling led to her "bubbly" and "perky" disposition. One of her colleagues even calls her "Sunshine".

As a former pediatric hospitalist, Dr. Adame saw firsthand the harm that happens to patients when primary care fails them. Being on the front lines of pediatric care, she can see the value of preventative and primary care. Dr. Adame loves being part of families during their happy times as they introduce new babies, but still feels honored to be with them during the not-so-happy times when they are sick or broken. Living in a small town, she gets to see her patients interacting in the community and having fun with their families. Dr. Adame has special interests in breastfeeding support, health and wellness of the LGBTQ+ children and families, sports medicine and fitness/nutritional support.

Dr. Adame hopes that "in 10-20 years, every single person in our country has affordable, equitable, timely access to high quality health care regardless of their socioeconomic or immigrant status."

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