Israr Siddiqi M.D.

Israr Siddiqi, MD is an internist at Michiana Internal Medicine, PC. Dr.
Siddiqi started his own solo practice in 2007 with a vision to provide
individualized primary care and the ability to treat patients according
to their needs.
Dr. Siddiqi comes from a long lineage of doctors. Growing up in Karachi,
Pakistan, he knew at a young age he was heading in the medical
direction. Once he reached high school, his interest in medicine was
piqued. Dr. Siddiqi studied medicine at Sindh Medical College in
Pakistan followed by his residency here in the US at St. Francis Medical
Center in New Jersey. After residency he found himself in the Upper
Peninsula of Michigan (brrr) and traveled to the Michiana area in 2003.
His family loved it so much here, he has stayed. Lucky us!
Dr. Siddiqi has a special interest in Sleep Medicine. It is a good thing
his colleagues say he has a sense of humor, otherwise they might
be caught sleeping on the job. When he’s not making the staff laugh
and helping patients, he is spending time with his wife and 2 children,
possibly having Chinese food or sushi. Dr. Siddiqi has plenty of hobbies
that include fishing, gardening, golf, stamp collecting, reading and
traveling. You may even see him sneaking off to catch a Cubs game!
Dr. Siddiqi is hoping in 10-20 years “that there will be more emphasis
given to primary care medicine as it’s the backbone of a good health
care system.”

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