Edward Yang, MD

Edward Yang, MD is the president of X-Ray Consultants, Inc. He has been with the group since 2000. Dr. Yang came to this area after completing his fellowship at Indiana University School of Medicine. Prior to his fellowship, Dr. Yang was in Dayton, OH completing his military obligations for the US Air Force. Before that, he completed his residency at Ochsner Health System in New Orleans. During his residency, Dr. Yang, along with his fellow residents decided to do a parody skit of the residency, lampooning attendings, staff members and residents. They pulled this off one night after the majority of the staff had left for the evening. After it was edited, they even had a resident watch party. All of the residents kept this a secret and it is believed that the director of this skit still to this day has it on VHS.

Dr. Yang knew early on he wanted to be a doctor. His father was a doctor. He loves being a doctor because radiologists can make such an impact on a patient’s course.  Some of Dr. Yang’s interests include musculoskeletal radiology, sports medicine and teaching. One of Dr. Yang’s favorite moments of being a doctor come from his internship. He was on a GI rotation and had a patient almost the entire month. He was an elderly retired ophthalmologist who had end-stage cirrhosis. On Dr. Yang’s last day of the rotation he went in to say goodbye to the patient. The patient handed him a $10 bill and insisted that Dr. Yang take it and instructed him to use it to eat at the patient’s favorite restaurant in New Orleans. Dr. Yang took it and promised him to use it to go eat there. Several months later, Dr. Yang still had the $10 in his wallet, saving it for the patient’s favorite restaurant. Finally, one night, Dr. Yang went with a group of friends. The waitress that served their table that night eventually became Dr. Yang’s wife. Who doesn’t love a great love story?

23 years later, Dr. Yang is still married to the waitress from New Orleans named, Celia. She is now a pharmacist manager for a major retail chain. They have two sons together. One is a sophomore in college at Brown University and the other attends Culver Academy. During his free time, Dr. Yang enjoys reading. He currently is reading 3 novels at the same time, all from different genres. Dr. Yang and his wife also love going to live theatre shows. They travel to Chicago and New York City regularly for them. The last show they saw was “Dear Evan Hansen” in Chicago. They also enjoy traveling. Their favorites have been Iceland and the Galapagos Islands. Thank you Dr. Yang for sharing all of those wonderful memories with us.


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