Bethany Cohen, M.D.

Bethany Cohen, MD, is a family physician at Granger Community Medicine. She has been there for 4 years and prior to that, she was a resident at Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center. Dr. Cohen knew from a young age that she wanted to be a doctor. She is the oldest of 7 and has always taken a nurturing approach to her siblings. Dr. Cohen had a couple close calls with younger siblings growing up. Her parents charged her with keeping her sisters awake on the commute to the emergency room. Thankfully, both incidents turned out to be minor and her siblings recovered.

During her residency, Dr. Cohen can remember one distinct moment that stood out for her. She was 12 weeks pregnant with her first child and only the chiefs knew at that point. She was at casting clinic with her fellow interns and was trying desperately to hold in a sneeze. The chief looked right at her and loudly said that if she kept doing that, she was going to pee her pants. Everyone stared, then when she told them she was pregnant everyone started laughing. That must have been one big sneeze.

Dr. Cohen loves being a doctor. She loves being able to take care of an entire family and building relationships with them. In family medicine, her day is varied. She could see 100 year old and newborn patients all in the same day. Dr. Cohen is known by her coworkers as being overly nice, friendly, goofy and for using the phrase “fair enough” frequently.

You may not know this, but Dr. Cohen is a movie star. She was an extra in the Warner Brothers movie Funky Monkey. She even met Roma Downey on set. Dr. Cohen is also a huge fan of musicals and theater. She recently saw Hamilton in Chicago. She loves musicals so much, she belts Broadway tunes in the car. She even serves on the worship team at her church.

Dr. Cohen loves to spend time with her family. That includes camping and going to drive-in movies. While at home she loves to bake peanut butter cookies. Dr. Cohen is from southern California and moved to this area to be closer to her husband’s family and because the residency program at Saint Joseph offered opportunities for mission trips. Her favorite cause would be Christian Emergency Relief Teams (CERT) international, which is the mission group that she traveled with during residency for a medical mission in Peru. They help support the El Arca's Children's Home in Cuzco, Peru and the children there were amazing. Several of them went on the bus with us to help translate in Spanish and Quechua when we went to the mountains to serve the Quechuan Indians. Thank you, Dr. Cohen for all your great work. 

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