A.J. Mencias, MD

A.J. Mencias, MD is an orthopedic surgeon at South Bend Orthopaedics (SBO). He specializes in elbow, wrist and hand surgeries. He is also trained in microsurgery. Dr. Mencias is the lead consultant for the University of Notre Dame’s athletic department. Go Irish!

Dr. Mencias grew up in Greenwood, Indiana. He knew at an early age he wanted to be a physician after trips to the hospital and operating room with his father. His father was an anesthesiologist and Dr. Mencias spent time observing surgeries performed by ophthalmologists and orthopedists who were colleagues of his father. Dr. Mencias attended the University of Notre Dame and Indiana University School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Indiana University Department of Orthopaedics. He did get into a bit of trouble during his residency for stealing all the ice cream and root beer from the OB floor to make root beer floats. Yum! He finished with a fellowship at Indiana Hand to Shoulder Center. He came to SBO in 2004.

Dr. Mencias loves being a physician! He finds the ability to truly improve the quality of life for his patients rewarding. He loves learning too. Dr. Mencias is always learning and developing new techniques to improve orthopedic surgery. He enjoys complicated reconstructions and working on high level athletes. Being able to put patients back on the field or return them to their job quickly is a goal of his. One of his most favorite parts of being a doctor is watching a patient grow. Having a patient as a child and then seeing them again later in life is very rewarding.

Dr. Mencias has 3 daughters and a new son on the way. Congratulations. His children are very successful in school and his oldest in heading to Butler University in the fall. In his free time, Dr. Mencias likes to golf and travel. He plans to retire to the beaches of Florida. His recent travels have included Greece, Italy and Croatia. He attends sporting events to support the Irish, most recently traveling to see the Irish in the Cotton Bowl.  Dr. Mencias likes to help local charities as well. He will be competing in the local “Dancing with Our Stars” event in April to benefit the Center for the Homeless. Good luck Dr. Mencias!

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