Saint Joseph PACE program

Called to Care by Dr. Brian Moloney

I've heard about a new senior program called Saint Joseph PACE. I have a brother who needs assistance. Can you tell me more about it?

Yes, this new program may help your brother continue to live safely at home. The Saint Joseph PACE program is for patients so frail that they would need nursing home placement without help at home. Their needs — even with a devoted family — are greater than I could have provided in my office.

PACE stands for Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. The keyword is all-inclusive. Medical care is offered at the site, as is physical therapy, cognitive stimulation, and opportunity for socialization. X-rays, labs, pharmacy, and dental services are all available. Meals are provided, as is transportation to the site and for medical care that cannot be done on-site. Even some home care services are available. It is open five days a week. The staff works very closely with the family. A social worker is on-site. The services are comprehensive and coordinated.  For me to have done this from my office would have entailed using multiple agencies with potential scheduling nightmares for the families.

In order to coordinate the care, patients are required to switch to the Saint Joseph PACE physician. Fortunately, the physician is excellent. Although I would have been sad giving up some of my most enjoyable patients, I would have been comforted knowing their needs were better met. If I were still in practice, I would be referring any appropriate patients to Saint Joseph PACE. If you would like more information about PACE, call 574.247.8751.

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